Rattan Reclining Garden Chairs Are Amazing!

We love a good recline, and so here are some examples of amazing reclining garden chairs, including some favourites, and information on what types are currently available on the market.

Images and sources: Reclining Rattan Garden Chairs & Sets – Garden Centre Shopping

brown reclining rattan bistro set

reclining rattan dining set light grey chunk rattan arm chair stone grey


What is a Reclining Garden Chair?

A reclining garden chair is simply a piece of outdoor furniture that has a reclining feature. This could be a reclining chair back, or a full length recliner that also extends a footrest in front. Some of the popular models have adjustable settings to set your own angle of recline, while others may only have one option available. Most of the time a thick cushion is included with this type of furniture, and you may remember the old style green metal chairs with the very thick cushions from years ago.

What is Modern Rattan Furniture?

Modern rattan furniture is actually synthetic, made from plastic that has been treated, formed into threads, and woven around chair frames to create furniture. This gives it a natural comfy position, as the material relaxes slightly as you sit on it, making them really nice to sit on for long periods.

You will often find aluminium frames with this type of furniture, as it makes it weatherproof, and allowed to stay outside all year round.

What is Traditional Rattan Furniture?

Traditional rattan furniture is the classic brown coloured plant based furniture, which you may remember from older conservatories. This could include chairs and sofa sets, and they will often creak when you sit on them as the material takes your weight. These aren’t really appropriate for outdoor use as they degrade, hence why the modern synthetic version was developed.

Does the reclining mechanism risk ceasing up or becoming damaged when left outside?

No it will not, it is made from strong aluminium which will not rust or become damaged, no matter what the British winter throws at it! (source 1).

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